English 11 Final – On Education

And thus marks the final TALONS assignment that shall grace this blog. It has been a good run, and it will certainly feel strange for me to hand assignments in directly to a teacher, without publishing them for the whole world to see. But anyway, let me talk about my project.

I wanted to do something more unusual. I didn’t want to just write another essay, but instead to try a format I usually tend not to be too involved with. So I decided to make a movie, and instead of just having my ideas, I wanted to get the opinions and thoughts of others and try to coalesce them into a single flowing narrative, then add my own thoughts in to bind it together. I think it turned out quite well, though not necessarily in the way I had intended it. Ah well, is not true education organic and free-flowing? Tell me what you think.

Credit is in the video description as well.

4 thoughts on “English 11 Final – On Education

  1. Thanks Liam for sharing and analyzing several learners’ perspectives on education. It is about learning and learning how to learn. I agree that content, especially in science, is frequently changing so knowing why we learn something might be one of the keys, having a sense of the past to have context and offer guidance. The other key may be the processes of learning, such as to develop logical and analytical thinking, doing good and assessing and reflecting on feelings that can apply to other situations or later in life, enabling us to be more adaptable, flexible, creative and responsive.

    You bring up many points for further exploration. I like to just pick up on one of them for now. “Is education a preparation for life?” That brings a whole other set of questions to mind, such as:
    1. When are we done preparing, if ever?
    2. What life do we prepare for? Who decides what to prepare for? Life is changing more and more rapidly. How do we prepare for it?
    3. What do we do with or when students wish not to prepare for life or take on that responsibility?
    4. At what age can students take on that responsibility? In some cultures education is just every day living, learning 24/7 and even young kids, for example, can use a sharp knife safely from a very young age!

    Lots of food for thought and look forward to the comments.


  2. @Ms.Mulder
    Education is always struggling to keep up with the times, and even when it is managing that, it still needs to be keeping up with the future, which is almost impossible to do. So as you say, becoming more adaptable, flexible, etc is what is necessary – and to do that, we have to find that line between discipline and independence, knowledge and creativity. I had hoped to try to explore that a little more in my project, but it just didn’t go that way. Certainly questions that people will be, and have been, wondering for a long time. Thanks 🙂

    @Jabiz Wow! Glad something I did will be influencing even a little bit around the world. Thanks.

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